When you eat a pop-tart or have a handful of gummy bears, you generally are reminded of being a kid, an innocent time when there could be no evil lurking in a fun little snack. ‘‘Over Eten’’ (‘What We Know about Food’), a Belgian tv show, has worked with director Alina Kneepkens to expose the truth behind gelatin in a stunning video.

Kneepkens begins the video with gummy candies and “manufacturing” process is shown in reverse order in a way that moves the viewer from the innocence of childhood, to pure horror. This one and a half minute video might just convince you to double-check that ingredient list before you ever eat a product with gelatin again.

All done with gelatin? This is a partial list of products in which gelatin is often found. Don’t panic, not all of the below products contain gelatin and it varies from brand to brand. Some companies are shifting away from gelatin and moving towards vegan friendly alternatives such as agar-agar, carrageenan, pectin, konjak, and guar gum.

  • •Marshmallows
  • Pop-tarts w/frosting
  • Frosted Mini Wheats
  • Other “frosted” cereals
  • Jell-O
  • •Peeps
  • •Gummy worms/bears
  • •Yogurts
  • •Frozen vegetables in a bag/box (Included sauces often contain gelatin)
  • •Icing/frosting
  • •Cream cheese
  • Sour cream (Often in light/fat free- check ingredients)
  • •Coffee, milk substitutes
  • •Lozenges
  • Hostess cupcakes- Hostess brand
  • Sausage casing
  • Cottage cheese
  • Jellies/Jams
  • Custards
  • Ice creams
  • Shampoos/masks/other cosmetics (Check ingredients)
  • Gel caps (Vitamin supplements)

Many of the above products can easily be found free of gelatin. The ‘Over Etan’ video is a wake up call that behind many of the products that we take for granted there is a playful squeal and a gentle pair of eyes that does not need to suffer. No more Peeps for this guy!

‘Gummy Bear Squeal’ – Artwork by Benjamin Taylor