Living to Smile: From Our Soul to Yours

Author: Ben Taylor Feb. 2016

Choices, every day we are confronted with choices from the moment we wake up, until the time we close our eyes at night. What to eat, what to wear, exercise or relax, turn the water off while we brush our teeth or leave it turned on, read a book or watch television, go to bed early for a good night’s sleep or stay up in bed playing that on the smartphone… the choices we face are endless, but each choice adds up in the equation that equals who we are- inside and out.

In today’s world of advertising, marketing, and the non-stop rush hour of the information highway, we are faced with a blitzkrieg of information pushing us to buy into ideas and purchase products that ultimately benefit unseen sources that may or may not support the concept we have of who we are. Unfortunately, there are powerful sources of information and products that go to great lengths to put up smoke and mirrors that separate us from knowing the truth, and hide what ingredients and concepts we are putting into our bodies and minds.

Ultimately, the old saying “Ignorance is bliss” is no longer true. Ignorance can lead to sickness, disease, and supporting ideas that run contrary to our self-held set of values. What we watch, listen to, put into and onto our bodies not only defines who we are, but determines how we feel, and can dictate the energy we convey to others.

Choosing our sources of information, and having the courage to stand up against the status quo is the first step in reclaiming our identity as individuals. Knowing what is in the products that we put into our body, and where the products we use come from breaks down the walls of ignorance and helps us walk across the bridge of self-empowerment.

Living to Smile is meant to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly in this brave new world that we live in- empowering you, and giving you the ability to make real choices about the way in which you would like to define yourself. We believe that every positive choice that is made builds up equity in who we are, and that every purchase is a vote that we can we were as a badge of pride. Empowerment starts with knowledge, empowering yourself starts now.